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One cable to rule them all!

Lightning, MicroUSB and USB-C compatible

inCharge Keyring Cable USB, MicroUSB, Type-C Compatible
inCharge Keyring Cable South Africa
inCharge Keyring Cable Moon Silver

Moon Silver

inCharge Keyring Cable Saturn Gold

Saturn Gold

inCharge Keyring Cable Mercury Grey

Mercury Grey

Shipping in April 2020 (RSA only)

Your phone is a power bank

Use the Type-C input to power another phone or device
such as wireless earbuds.

inCharge Keyring Cable Power Transfer

(NB! Only available with Type-C as input. Sorry Apple users)

inCharge Keyring Cable Powerful Magnets

A unique design

Attention to detail, durable materials and premium quality connectors are the key values that make inCharge a real masterpiece.

A. N52 Magnets: The highest grade magnets available.

B. Anti-slide System: Designed to lock in place so you never lose your it.

inCharge Keyring Cable Tough Design Quality Materials

Built to last

C. Metal Housing: The zync-aluminium alloy ensures interior components' protection, use after use. 

D. Cable Guard: To prevent wires damage the TPU cable guard protects the cable from reaching its critical bending level.

Introducing inCharge Max

The convenience of inCharge with the freedom of a very long cable

inCharge Max One Cable Charges All Devices

Same, same but long

inCharge Max is built to exact standards, but now with the added benefit of a long cable. How long? 1.5m - 50% longer than regular cables.

It features the same N52 Magnets and anti-slide system meaning you'll never lose it.

Charge all your devices with one cable!

inCharge Max is the last cable you'll ever need. Perfect for the home or when travelling.

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